• Take a video with your cell phone and load to your computer; post it to the Internet; cell phones are being used for a variety of new concepts: tagging an object to find a message or locate the price of a product, etc.

  • Slingbox - "place shifting" - send your TV program to your Internet-connected PC, mobile phone, or PDA; other versions also made by Apple, etc.; watch for new TVs to come already equipped with this feature

  • - use of Internet video for professionally produced TV ads

  • Stanford on iTunes U - podcasting courses with multimedia enhancements - download faculty lectures and media; play on your iPod; respond orally and in text via podcast

  • University of Oregon - Thailand - videoconferencing and ESOL Academic Exchange - Web cast/RLO (Resuable Learning Object)

  • Skype - Internet telephony; many other telephony products are coming online also (see R. Zeinstejer's podcast page with student comments about a tandem language learning project using Skype)

  • Language Learning Japan - Mobile Site & Community (by Winksite) - phone or leave text messages directly from the Web site