Webheads in Action Online Convergence

May 19, 2007

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Bett_Sweetwater_2008-2.jpg
Professor Emeritus, CSU, Sacramento
Program Consultant, Command Performance Language Institute

Home page: Computers for Education

Technology blog: Virtual = Real

The recording of this presentation is no longer available.

Originally a version of this talk was presented at the VDMIS Academic Session, TESOL 2007, Seattle WA.
A paper based on this talk appears in TESL-EJ,11(4), in March 2008, in the WiAOC Proceedings.
[Note: some of the links in this article are no longer available. Comparable technology tools can be found through Internet search.]

ABSTRACT: The world of CALL is changing rapidly, but there are three major trends that can be perceived as significant and likely to remain so over the next several years. This paper will discuss these trends--convergence, searchability, and collaboration--and offer examples of interesting websites that illustrate them.

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